Raising The Fifth

Raising The Fifth is a curated creative space to amplify the voices
of people who are childless or child free, whatever the circumstances

The pages that unfold here will tell the stories of all people who do not have children: from those who chose this path, to those whose bodies or circumstances made that choice for them, as well as those who are contemplating the path they want to take and just aren’t sure yet.


The writings shared will explore not having children from a myriad of perspectives. Trigger warnings will be used wherever needed – Raising The Fifth is a safe space. Please go gently.


It must be stressed that ALL readers are welcome – especially those who have chosen a different road and do have kids. We love reading about your experiences with your families. This is an opportunity for us to share our stories from the other side.

Raising The Fifth is dedicated to anyone who has ever felt other to mother

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